Friday, January 25, 2008

The whole Margarine is black before it's yellow thing

So I'm so not into processed food, even if there are times when the cravings get the best of me. But a couple years ago I got an email that must have circled the globe at least 4 times about how margarine is black before it is dyed yellow because it is a derivative of plastic. Now I've actually looked high and low for REAL evidence of this, including scientific journals about margarine, it's origin, even manufacturing documents. Can't find one that supports that statement, or even a credible argument against it (this includes the diabolical cool whip is also black scheme). Everything discovered states that most margarines are made from plant oils that are altered to become solids at room temperature, it's like ironing out a kink in the long chain like molecule.

So rest easy dear butter substitute friends, I'm pretty sure you're not eating plastic, (at least not in your margarine), but whether or not it's actually better for you than butter is still highly debatable.